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Facts on Association of European Journalists of Serbia (UENS) as a brunch of Association of European Journalists (AEJ)

Association of European Journalists of Serbia (UENS) is a brunch or a section of Association of European Journalists (AEJ) which was founded in 1961, in San Remo in Italy by seventies journalists from six european countries, members of European Economy Community (EEC). In its foundation act these journalists have proclaimed their belief that European integrations could be succesfully and democratically realized. It  was emphasiezed in their declaration that journalists and broadcasts and editorials will be able to play great role in that process, but on condition that they develop freedom of media and informations, struggling against all possible abuses of media, possible represions and crushing public speech.

Since the very beginning, AEJ has established the principle that greatest number of its actvities have to be initiated by national associations or brunches themselves in different countries. One of the most important AEJ task at European level could be making relations and collaboration between national association, promoting and supporting their initiatives. It was supported during 2007. the project of non-gouvernmental law organization from Belgrade whish gives annual award or recognition “The professional knight” /Hero of profession/ to individuals for their moral and professional achivements. The project since that was supported by our association as well as by other AEJ brunches whose aim was to establish contacts and exchange ideas and informations between national journalist associations. AEJ has established collaboration with European Journalist Centre Independent Institution for permanent  education and training of journalists. Today, AEJ has over twenty five selforganized sections or national association in different countries, members of Council of Europe. They are – Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Beloruss Republic, Ukraine, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Moldavia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom. Memebers of national associations are jouranalists from all media structures – newspapers, radio and television, specialized regional media and newspapers also.

AEJ is situated in Bruxelles, where it was registrated as an independent and non-profitable international organization, not related to any political party or syndicate. It collaborates and it has special status in UNESCO and Council of Europe as well as developed collaboration with OECD (Organization for economy colaboration and development). AEJ and its sections closely collaborate with European Movement and all independent and non-gouvernmental organistions which tend towards democratic integrations in Europe.

AEJ  accomplish its activities through General Assembly Executive Committee, Secretariat General, by elected officials. Executive Committee consists of all the secretaries of national associations and a certain number of elected officials. Annual conferences of General Assembly is held in different country. Their agenda includes actual questions concerning freedom of public media beeing significant for all members. The first AEJ Assembly was held in 1962. in San Remo and the last one in november 2009 in Maastricht in Holland.

Association of European Journalist of Serbia and Montenegro, as a brunch and section of AEJ, was founded on 27th of February 2003. and it was registrated as a non-governmental and non-profitable organization and citizen's association on 22nd April 2003. before Federal Gouvernment, under the registred number 8/10-364/2. After the separation of Montenegro in 2006. UENS as a independent organisation of journalists of Serbia was registred on 13th of June 2007. by Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government under the number 130-024-00-01216/2007-07.

The numbers of UENS are eminent journalists and media editors, agencies and newspapers, who accept and spread the idea of European integrations and collaboration between the European countries concerning freedom of media, contributing to their implementation and spreading them in our country. Following that aim, UENS joints some AEJ initiatives and others national associations concerning them significant for our media.  UENS will also joint and apply for projects with some national and international funds. In contrast to national association of journalists, AEJ  sections in some countries, in ours also, have neither massive membership nor syndical attributes.

They limits their membership to the smaller mumber due to their specific programs. Besides the regular membership consisted of proffesional journalists. UENS has established two categories more – accessed members, experts for media and newspapers and honored members who support association moraly and finansially. DHL company and NEIMAR V. from Belegrade gave their donations during 2008, as they gave done before.  Membercards of AEJ-UENS with photo, issued their memebers in each category make available free access to museums, permanent stages and to other cultural events through the countries where  AEJ brunches exist. Annual membership fee partly goes to Direction of AEJ, the other one is used for making cards.

Besides the European initiatives and actions, as well as the ones coming from national brunches, UENS program includes specific questions for the development of media and freedom of speech and information according to conditions in this country. Meetings and seminars directed to education of journalists concerning European initiatives and politics are foreseen, as well as the new technologies in electronic media, its modernisation in non-developed regions of Serbia, giving recognitions to individuals, to newspapers and media which spread and contribute to European integrations.

UENS pays special attention to the collaboration with national association of journalists and European Movement in Serbia. In cooperation with some important cultral institutions and other companies, UENS will sponsor and stimulate young people at schools and universities to be introduced with traditions of freedom of media in Serbia with development of European integrations we gravitate to.

President of AEJ International Committee for two years period is Mr. Diego Varcedo fom Spain. Secretary General is Mr. Peter Kramer from Belgium. All informations about AEJ are available at web-site

President of UENS is Mr. Nebojša Ristić, vice-president is Mr Živorad Nikolić, Secretary General – Mr. Miloje Popović, Secretary Technical is Miss Biljana Kojić. Besides website  all informations are available at phones and e-mail signed on memorandum.

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