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Programme for the next period (Framework)

  • Active participation in Association of European journalists (AEJ), which means following all their initiatives and projects we are interested in, as well as participation in their meetings and seminars. It is of great importance that our delegation takes part regularly to AEJ annual Assemblies, where important questions are discussed, long-term programmes are fixed, where is possible to have insight in experience of other organizations, where is a chance to introduce and strengthening contacts with eminent european journalist.
  • Bilateral collaboration with AEJ national organisations about projects we are interested in.
  • Participation UENS representatives at AEJ Executive Comittee meetings and its accessory bodies (when we appreciate we are interested in).
  • Visit AEJ Secretary General Mr. Peter Cramer in this year, his lecture and meeting with UENS members, other journalists and important persons who participate in promotion of european ideas.
  • Co-operation with European Movement of Serbia in projects of mutual interest, lecture of its President Mr. Živorad Kovačević to UENS's memebers and other journalists in the first halph of 2008.
  • Staff, organizational and financial strengthening of UENS which means accession for some more eminent journalists, strengthening collaboration with scientific, cultural and other institutions, cooperation with companies whish are willing to support UENS's work and its national and international activities.
  • Starting the permanent conferences (round tables or panel-discussions) of UENS, where some eminent persons and representatives of european associations and organizations will be able to present actual facts about european integrations and the role of journalists and media in those process.
  • Annual awards for journalists and editorial offices whose articles and programmes orientation have a great contribution to implementation of ideas and aims UENS is tending to.
  • In co-operation with some organizations and companies, UENS will give once a year a certain number of computers and electronic equipment to editorial offices in non-developed regions in Serbia.
  • UENS will pay attention especially to education and promotion of idea, concerning freedom of media, among young people at schools and universities, who are interested in journalism and receiving advanced training in that matter.
  • Announcing competitions and awards for the best pupils' and student's works concerning the topics UENS is pleading for.
  • Promotion UENS activities in national media, making web-site and promotive materials about UENS in Serbian and English.
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